The Wheel of Torture

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Combined Interrogation Techniques
What I did on my summer vacation was a real experiment in sleep deprivation. I attended Bonnie Oconnell’s letterpress workshop titled “perf, score, cut and fold” at Penland School of Crafts. At Penland you are given every opportunity to really torture yourself with late nights, non stop focus and really great food.
Combined Interrogation Techniques
What do you know. I found out the Architects of enhanced torture techniques live practically in my back yard. I thought “well, if they can come up with enhanced torture techniques having no experience, then I sure can do it too.” Hence I developed a Wheel of Torture for Combined Interrogation Techniques. A spin of the wheel points to two symbols. As shown here, the combination landed on a dancing cowgirl and a symbol for electricity. This is open to interpretation in any way you see fit to get the desired results. Don’t forget to turn up Slim Shady real loud.
Combined Interrogation Techniques
The piece is handset and printed. It includes die cutting, perforating and scoring on the press. 25 copies were made. note: If you think you know alot about typography and have never handset type, think again.

The “Wheel of Torture” was exhibited at BookOpolis 2009 in Asheville, North Carolina. Bookworks is an amazing facility for book artists, letterpress printers and paper makers, or anyone interested in just taking a look around. It is worth the trip.

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