Project: Memory Palace

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Still images pulled from micro { two minute or less } interviews


This project came out of a harsh realization that I had accumulated so many things in my house that I was not even aware of what I had anymore. I thought because I am a designer,  I was interested in an aesthetic and the objects I chose to live with reflected that, but what were some other reasons why people chose particular objects? To explore this question I began with a series of interviews. People I knew, didn’t know, young and old were all subject to my imposing video camera. Some of these people are no longer living, but their possessions are still with us. The result of this project is a video short animation and this book titled Project: Memory Palace.

I presented the project at the University of Arizona as part of a workshop on design process and I was encouraged when asked if it was available for purchase by a few students and faculty. Later, I assigned my senior graphic design students a project to self publish. I needed some examples to show. This was just the opportunity and little push I needed to refine the book. I sent it off to LuLu and Blurb as a way to compare print quality, paper and cover material. The book is available to preview or purchase from Blurb.

The project began with a series of micro interviews, each about a relationship between an object and its owner. At the time I was also interested in stop motion animation. For these early experiments I combined documentary style interviews with stop motion animation. After reading a story by Hans Christian Andersen titled “The Red Shoes” in which a girl becomes obsessed with a pair of shoes and meets a tragic demise, I decided to make an animation based on that story. This book documents the project experience. It includes drawings, video stills, collected notes and stories that relate to the desire, possession and burden of ownership.

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