It was dark and the water was black

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This piece is built with coils. The typography is from an antique type specimen book. There are also hints of commercial decals. The surface is sgraffito and a little bit of gold luster accents.

bear jar

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lately I have been experimenting with gold luster. It adds another element to the pieces without detracting from the contrast of the black and white. This bear tells us “eventually we gave up and went home”. It is quiet in the woods. The neck of the bear also has decals added.

clay banners, decals too

September 21st, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

Some first attempts at decal transfer onto porcelain.

fresh out of the oven

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thank you

thank you

This is the first high fired piece to come out of my new kiln. I plan to make  a series of these heads. I had one going the other day and I walked across the room to get something and I heard it hit the floor. It was broken in a million pieces. Another one cracked in the kiln. This is the only baby that survived.

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